Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Death penalty

The Death penalty is a highly controversial topic. Both sides have valid points, This blog is on my personal belief and anyone has their right to agree or disagree with my opinion, but i also have my right to my opinion.
In my opinion the death penalty has its usefulness in the justice system. The death penalty has been around as long as there has been societies of people. I don't agree with people who say that the death penalty is inhumane when it has always been a way of keeping justice in societies. In present times, yes, there are other options to punish criminals, but it has not always been that way. Throughout history, the death penalty has been the one thing that is agreed upon in every justice system. If we had never had the death penalty, our lives would be way different then they currently are, most people do not understand how much we have relied on the death penalty over the years. I know that people will argue that it is a worse punishment to have criminals live in prisons for the rest of their lives, with the guilt of the crimes they committed, but there are criminals who do not have the capability to see the wrongs in their actions, nor do they regret their actions in any way, sometimes leaving criminals alive is actually what they want. When you give up the death penalty, not only are you losing money in the long run, between the cost of the facility, and maintenance, the cost of feeding the prisoners and the medication that some of them have to take, but you are also keeping them in the public eye. If criminals, killers especially, are left in prisons, the general public continues to talk about them, which gives them the publicity they desire. It also gives them a chance to continue their plans, some criminals are masterminds and can continue doing criminal acts from inside prison walls. One other thing to think about is that there is always a chance that they get approved for parole, now in some cases, this will result in the criminal acts continuing after a short break of them being in prison. I do know that in some cases the death penalty is inhumane, but with the changes in how the death penalty is sentenced, to whom, the circumstances and the way the it is given to the criminal, the death penalty is not as nearly inhumane as it use to be.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

stolen shoes

My favorite high school memory is messing around with my friends. The most vivid memory was when we were still in the portables and everything was damp and wet because it was winter time. There was a little bit of snow on the ground and we decided that we wanted to have a little bit of fun at lunch. One of the quarks of Sam is that she hates having her shoes off, but it makes the rest of us laugh when she freaks out that her shoes are gone. Matt Kepner was still going to school with us then and he decided that we were going to hold Sam down and steal her shoes. As she was screaming Matt ran outside in the snow with her shoes and hid them. She tried running outside but her socks were getting wet and she had to find a way to get her shoes back. I bet it was annoying to get her shoes stolen from her but it gave us something to do. I think she has gotten over it but we don't steal her shoes anymore. we are nicer now.

Senior Project

My senior project was designing both yearbooks, the elementary and high school. I also was the head editor of the yearbooks. I chose to do the yearbooks as my senior project because my focus was visual arts with a major in photography. It was a lot harder then it sounds. Not only did I have to design each page but I also had to make sure that my staff was getting the pictures we needed to have, all the events were covered by at least one member of the yearbook staff and all the captions made sense. The hardest part was trying to keep my staff on task and making sure we hit all our deadlines a week early so that we could try and get the yearbooks here as early as possible. Not only did I work on the yearbook, but i also had to do all the anouncements and keep a running track of how many yearbooks we had sold. It was a craxy stressful job and If you don't have a lot of extra time or patience, i wouldn't suggest you try to take it on. I do think that the effort paid off and the yearbook will look great this year.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Kitty

Baby Kitty is my kitten that I got back in November. She got her name because I was babysitting a group of little kids and all they would call her was "baby kitty" and it stuck. She is very fluffy and purrs like a motor boat. Her favorite thing to do is play and attack your hands. She also loves to lay on cell phones and play with them. The computer and playstation will normally keep her entertained for hours. Travis and I will sit on the couches and call her to see who she comes to and then make fun of whomever she didnt choose. She also sleeps in my bed and trys to sleep on my head, and if im trying to watch a movie she will lie directly infront of my face so I can't see.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

No time to take a break

This year there was no break in spring break. The week before spring break started I started working at Lowe's. I only work weekends but i also had to go into training during the week and had a wedding to help get ready for. I love working at Lowe's because you meet a lot of crazy people there. We had one customer who bought light grey and dark green carpet. The thing that made it crazy was that the colors matched the shirt she was wearing that day. I also get a lot of older men customers who like to call me "sweetheart". I also have some interesting co-workers. One of the guys I work with, who i call my boss because he knows more then me calls me his minion like off despicable me. Strange things also happen in the break room. During a really slow day, I walked in the break room to find a couple of guys betting on if they could deep throat a banana or not. The only other thing i did besides work and help with the wedding, which happened the first Monday of spring break, was take my dog for walks and hang out with friends. I have left a few things out because they were a horrible mess, but other then that my spring break was just slow.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The return of the mullet

Over the past few years I have volunteered at the Idaho Center. One of my jobs is as an usher, which means I help people find their seats, or lost children, where the bathroom is, etc. This jon allows for quite a bit of free time. When I am not helping people, I spend my time watching them and their sense of style. Over the weekend, I worked Monster Jam, which if you can imagine led to seeing some very interesting people and styles. One of the most memorable is the mullet. This style should never have returned. Not only did I see this hair style on a man, who turned it into a "rat-tail" mullet, but also on a woman. I was very surprised that I saw a mullet on a woman, and could not believe my eyes. She had to walk past 2 or 3 times before I was sure that a woman would actually try that hair style. Needless to say that woman has made quite an impression on me and my view on humanity.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mac 2

Today is journal entry number 2 and i now have to talk about how mac has pertained to my life in the past 2 weeks. Well i see him every day at school, in second, third, fourth periods and at lunch. I have also seen him outside of school when i walked down to my mom's office to go to my little brother's basketball game. He had to take his dog out before he left, but did not take her out long enough and then had to clean up the mess she made. He was also the one who asked me to blog about him yesterday so its his fault this blog is weird and kinda boring and has no sense or reason to it.